5 Great Ways to Boost Your SEO As a Charity or Non-Profit


5 Great Ways to Boost Your SEO As a Charity or Non-Profit

Most charities and non-profits rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in some form in assisting their fundraising campaigns. SEO is a practice for organically creating more traffic that is directed to a website. This works well for non-profits because it can bring more donors to their websites. Non-profits and charities can target opportunistic keywords and keyword phrases to increase their ranking on search engines. This helps these non-profits and charities to rank higher against their competition in search engine results pages (SERPS).

A solid SEO strategy will also give charities and non-profits an edge against their competition, help target qualified donors and traffic, generate more visibility and engagement, and work well with Social Media strategies amongst different platforms.

We created this blog post to help your charity or non-profit to capitalize on their digital marketing strategy. Your end goal should be getting your listing on multiple page 1 search engine results across multiple search phrases and keywords for your non-profit or charitable niche.

  1. Start Your Content Strategy with Keyword Research

Quality content should be another primary goal of your SEO efforts. Experts in SEO and new learners of SEO alike each find value in quality content and its effects on your search engine rankings. You must be sure however that you are satisfying search engine algorithms by implementing strong keywords. Brainstorm keywords that are relevant to your target market and potential donors. Enlist a digital marketing agency to help in your research and in your implementation of these keywords if this task seems too daunting.

  1. Link Build to Raise Brand Awareness

It’s important to grow an authority-based webpage and to develop familiarity among new donors. You must be certain that your SEO strategy is focused at getting your company in the sights of new eyes. Promote through link building by creating relationships with other sites and networks that can share your content. Reach out to local publishers who may find your content authoritative and worthy of publishing. This will grow your authority.

  1. Have a User-Friendly Site

Be sure to have an effective site that is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Your site page speed needs to be optimized. You should use thoughtful anchor text to indicate content topics. Your content structure and design team execution should be consistent in messaging and the tone of your brand. The google algorithm doesn’t like certain things like big blocks of text or bullet points, so be sure to do as many things correct as you can to optimize your site for the algorithm.

  1. Have a Strong Local SEO Strategy

As a charity or non-profit you may need to focus your target market be geographic location. This is when searches online are certain keyword phrases with city, state, or zip code information. Each of these geographic filters narrows the scope of the results. Make sure you have a Google My Business account setup and completed in full. Include your non-profit or charity’s physical location and even list its contact information in multiple directories.

  1. Your Social Media Presence

It is important to have a strong social media presence. This means posting engaging content and actively networking online to connect with your market. The more social media platforms you are actively participating in, the more awareness you are going to raise for your charity or non-profit.

Increasing your online google ranking can be a difficult task. We are happy to offer our services to anyone who is looking for help in managing each of these five best SEO practices. When you are ready, please migrate to our Contact Us page and give us a call today.



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